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Rory has no change of clothes and is very upset. He takes time out in a world of his own to examine all her frilly feminine panties. Well one guy was made to do just that, they just didn't believe he wasn't who he said he was and he became just that, permanently. However, us transgender girls do often have a big problem with footwear which comes down to having larger feet and your regular shops seem to annoyingly stop their nice shoe ranges at size 9 or below.

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Ever wanted to be an Air Hostess wearing a smart uniform? Ed the office wimp finally plucks up the courage to ask queen bee Paige out for a meal, she finds his request ridiculous and hilarious and enlists the help of her colleagues to humiliate him and the final insult, dress him up as a woman and answer the phone while they are out to lunch. He is very upset but will do anything to keep her. Jake presents his lingerie promotional video to his colleagues at a designer lingerie company.

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