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The Kino Lorber Blu-ray offers a pristine transfer and a trailer gallery of other "B" crime movies available from the company. Young Roger Corman wrote the story upon which the screenplay was based and also served as one of the producers. This becomes less of an issue as the story progresses and Pleshette is playing a character her own age. Richard Conte is Jim Henry, who has just returned from the conflict in Korea and is now looking to enjoy civilian life.

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A Rage to Live is by no means an example of classic movie-making but it is certainly worth a look, if only to observe how cinema was maturing rapidly during this period and exploring subjects that would have been taboo only a few years before. This becomes less of an issue as the story progresses and Pleshette is playing a character her own age. Lang had immigrated from his native Austria to Berlin, where he made quite an impression during the silent era, directing such landmark masterpieces as "M" and "Metropolis". When they arrive there, they learn that Jim is wanted for murder.

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