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This is actually the only way Yacas can learn about new functions. Finally, we might decide to be completely flexible with this important function and also define it as a mathematical operator.

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When a few characters have been typed, the command line will use the characters before the cursor as a filter into the history, and allow you to browse through all the commands in the history that start with these characters quickly, instead of browsing through the entire history. The construct works as follows; The expression defining the macro sets up a macro named for with four arguments. Strings are generally represented with quotes around them, e. Here you see one example of a pure function where the operation is a little bit more complex.

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Rules with lowest precedence get evaluated first, so the rule with precedence 10 will be tried before the rule with precedence There are more options, but ForEach is the simplest to use for now and will suffice for this turorial. You should consult the function reference about how to use the various Yacas functions mentioned here.


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Multiple capitalization such as ArcSin is sometimes used. Vector components can be assigned values just like list items, since they are in fact list items. This is a desired behavior if evaluation is used for simplifying expressions.

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